Warhammer Inktober

The last month I tried to follow the Twitter/Intagram hastag of #inktober, one ink drawing per day following a set of themes.
All my images tried to be set on a WFRP or similar setting. Quality and techinque varies acording to my schedule, no post-processing done other than basic scanning using a phone app.
PS: I missed the penultimate day "Catch" theme.
If you want to use them in any RPG adventure web or document just ask and I'll try to provide a better quality version for you.

Strange Harvest

Strange HarvestFor the last couple of months I collaborated with Professor Eggburger over the Rat Catchers’ Guild to create some images and maps his new scenario for Warhammer Roleplaying Game.
The scenario was also released in Rat Catchers’ Guild "The Ratter Issue 2" So, with no further delay, the awesome creation great Professor Eggburger: intro and acknowledgementsAn edition-neutral mini-scenario, a handful of adventure hooks, and a few character sketches, all set amidst the fields and farms of the Imperial south.
The impenetrable, dark forests and bleak, deserted mountains of the Old World are, of course, well known to be grim and perilous places that are best avoided. But the seemingly benign farmsteads and market towns of the Empire also harbour their full share of intrigue and danger...
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Francisco for the amazing art, and to BadJuJu, danil0, FoxFyre, …

WFRP 1st Edition Magic Item Generator

WFRP 1st edition Random Magical TreasuresWFRP 1st edition Random Magical Treasures This is a magic item generator based on the 1st edition of Warhammer RPG. Based on the tables from the 1st edition Core Rules (p183) and the Restless Dead Campaign (p98).
You can also consult the War

Zweihander Monster Generator

Zweihander Random Monster