WFRP 4 Potions Generation Tables

The great potion generator for WFRP for your skaven brewer or your evil alchemist. The following pdf file contains 4 tables to generate the evil concoctions so your unsuspecting and foolhardy players can drink them. You get a nice power, sometimes a minor side effects and a major drawback. It's still a Work in progress as I intend to clear some issues with it and implement a more web generator with expanded content. PDF File

Random Halfling Character Generator for Warhammer Rolepaying Game 4th edition

WFRP 4th Edition Random Halfling character Generate character WFRP 4th Edition Random Halfling character Generate Now! Generate Halfling (Core Book)! Generate Clan Ashfield Halfling! Generate Clan Brambledom Halfling! Generate Clan Brandysnap Halfling! Generate Clan Hayfoot Halfling! Generate Clan Hollyfoot Halfling! Generate Clan Hayfoot-Hollyfoot Halfling! Generate Clan Lostpockets Halfling! Generate Clan Lowhaven Halfling! Generate Clan Rumster Halfling! Generate Clan Skelfsider Halfling! Generate Clan Thorncobble Halfling! Generate Clan Tumbleberry Halfling! Ask Reroll Stats: Ask Reroll Career: Ask Simple Choices: Name . Species . Class and Career . XP 0/0 Characteristics Fate and Resilience Skills Talents Trappings This generator gives you a random starting Halfling based on the rules for their clans in the Reiklands from Archives of the Empire Volume I, Pages 22-32 . To generate simpler NPCS like the ones you migh

WFRP 4th Edition NPC Cults

WFRP 4th Edition NPC Cults Generate Enemy Cults and adversary groups WFRP 4th Edition Random Cult Generator Generate Now! Generate Heretic Cult! Generate Chaos Cult! Generate Evil Cult! Generate Mundane Group! Click one of the buttons above to generate your Cult. If you need Chaos Warriors or Mutants for your cults go to my WFRP4 Monster Generator . If you need just basic cultits or corrupted watchmen, you can get them with my WFRP4 NPC Generator . Code: Francisco Muñoz 2020. Inspiration: In Places Deep: Random Cult Generator Game: Games Worshop and Cubicle 7